Monday, October 5, 2009

Thank you, Debbie!!

Our good friends Matt & Debbie Miller came from Ocala, FL to visit for the weekend. We had a blast catching up and spending time together. Of course, we had to go to the mountains again because we couldn't resist. :)
Debbie has been doing a lot of photography lately and is AMAZING. Here are some of the pictures she took for us during the weekend. Little Ella Grace cooperated with us!! (Even when we put her in an apple barrel at the orchard)
Im including A LOT of pictures from the photo shoot to get some peoples opinions on which ones to frame. Sorry there are so many to look at!


  1. excuse me, but i need individual comment boxes for each picture. i have SOOO many comments to make!! these pics are fabulous! and ella is just as adorable as ever - even with stuff oozing out of her mouth.

    let me pray about my favorites and get back to you... ; )

  2. Oh,My!! Precious beyond words!! I have to have some prints!!!!!

    love you all soooooooooooooo


  3. It's actually 2:07pm I started at 7:30am but couldn't get the post comment to work. See ya'll in a few hours. YIPPEE!!!!

  4. Can't get over the pictures!!!! Absolutely wonderful :) Can't wait to see you guys in just a few days and to FINALLY meet sweet Ella Grace!!!!