Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Library and Tummy Time

Baby girl is now a little over three months and seems to be changing and growing every day. These days are definitely easier than when she was first born as she isn't as fussy and we are learning more about her all the time. She has been sleeping through the night for a while now and is getting on to somewhat of a schedule during the day. We are trying to find a good balance of building some routine but also flexibility so that she can hopefully adapt to changes in schedule.
This week Nathan got to come with us to Baby Story time at the Mint Hill library (which is right across the street!). Here are some pictures of Ella Grace and Daddy Guy (his new nickname) having fun.
This is so much fun!!! (and, yes... my bow is HUGE)
Learning a song
This is so great, Daddy Guy!!
Ready for tummy time

This is hard, guys!I'm exhausted
No more, Daddy Guy
Time for bed now

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Crying Duet

Kelly and I went to a Christmas craft show this weekend and took the babies with us. Of course on the way home Clara and Ella Grace decided to start crying. It sounded like a choir.....with Clara's crying being the lower octave and Barlings the higher. We thought it was hilarious!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Our House

For all of you who have been asking, here are some pictures of the house. :) We have guests coming for dinner tonight and since it's currently clean I thought I would take some pics.
By the way, if you havn't checked out Craigslist.com you need to! We got all of Baby Girl's nursery things on Charlotte's Craigslist along with some other things around the house. If you are patient, it's definitely the way to go!

Entry way


No, the table does not always look like this.
Gotta love fall decor :)
View from the back. We are hoping to plant a community garden with our neighbors in the Spring! The town is also supposed to be putting in a greenway through the woods.
Our bedroom
Guest room......please come and visit!!!!!!!!!
attic room that Nathan is finishing

Bathroom.....check out the Gainesville Swamp picture ...Thanks Mel! Thank you also to sissy for her awesome photography from Burkina Faso
Baby girl's room

Thanks to Sarah for making the cushions on the rocker :)
Thanks Mel for your AWESOME art work!!
This did not come with the house
12 weeks old.....and loving her fist

Thursday, October 22, 2009


October is going by quickly and I am continually amazed at how fast our baby girl is growing. People always tell you that "they grow up so fast" and it is SO true! Even in the challenging times I am trying to savor each day and be thankful for the blessing God has given us. Sometimes I catch myself wanting to be in the "next phase" where communication is easier and more of a routine is established. Hopefully God will give me the ability to be in the present and enjoy this time of life.

Some of our latest happenings are going to the pumpkin patch (both with Kelly (my dear friend and college roommate) and Julie (my sweet friend from Gainesville who taught next door to me at Norton Elementary). We also had Mimi and Poppy Mitten along with Uncle Josh, Aunt Melissa, and cousins Madison and Carter come to visit! We went to Gainesville last weekend for Nathan to defend his thesis and ........HE PASSED!! He has worked so hard over the past few years on his dissertation (which was on Desalination). I couldn't be more proud of him! We also got to tailgate at the Gator game vs. Arkansas (close call, huh??)

Fall in North Carolina

our neighborhood
Kelly, Izzy, and Clara
Checkin' out the pigs.

Mimi and Poppy visit!!
Madison gave "her baby" a bath all by herself
Taking charge :)
We keep trying to get a good cousin picture....havn't had much luck yet
Go Gators!

Cozying up with Debbie while tailgating (it was actually quite chilly in Florida)

With Mel!

What a surprise to see Messiah College friend Chris Regan and Elise at the game!!!!!!
Daddy's finished product. He pulled an all-nighter to get his dissertation in the mail before we left. 225 pages long

With Julie and sweet Carson!Check out Carson's arm. He was makin' the moves. Ella G was wondering what in the world is going on

Nathan's work is a a few miles from the pumpkin patch. He stopped in to see us!
With the little (actually big) Barlings