Thursday, January 14, 2010

A New Year

It has been FOREVER since my last post. If you are reading this, thank you for waiting it out and continuing to check for updates!!
Our Christmas break was wonderful. We began by going to Gainesville for Nathan's GRADUATION from UF!! CONGRATS, DADDY DOC!! Mama and Ella Grace are very proud!!

After Gainesville we went to Boston for a week and then back to Charlotte to host the Mitten's for New Years. Mimi got to stay for an extra week afterward to spend some quality time with the baby.
Miss Ella Grace is growing like a weed. It is unbelievable! She is about 5 1/2 months, weighs around 17 lbs and getting very strong! She is sitting by herself for just a few seconds at a time, loves to roll from her back to her stomach, and is eating big girl food once a day. Not to brag, but her mama milk is a definite favorite still. ;)
I recently joined a Mom's group called "New Mom's of South Charlotte" and am excited to meet new people from different walks of life around this area. There are multiple events and "meetups" scheduled every day of the week so that mom's can go to as few or as many events as they'd like. Meetings involve anything from meeting for coffee, lunch, play dates, walks on greenways or in the mall (since its soo cold), yoga, storytimes, kindermusik, discussion groups, book studies, and mom's nights out.
Here are a few snapshots from December (actually, there is a lot!)...

Christmas in Boston with the Hollingers...

I love my Uncle Ryan. He is so nice to me.
Christmas is so exciting that I'm bustin' out of my britches!

Here Grandma, have a present.
This is a fluffy present.

Let me see it, Mama. Ohh, I like it!

Grandpa's face is priceless here. I think he likes it.

I love my daddy sooooo much.Hot tubbin' in the snow...without baby girl.

Bath time with grandma.

This is the shirt Aunt Daphne wore when she was a baby.My grandpa is so cool!

New Years in Charlotte with the Mittens...
I'm lovin' my GranMimi
Jess & Temple make brunch!!

Spending time with Mimi after New Years :)
Bathtime is great!!Visiting daddy doc for lunch in his office.