Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Over the weekend the three of us ventured to the NC mountains to visit Gingercake (where Aunt Ruth & Uncle Mark have a home). Every time we are out in nature we feel rejuvinated and it reminds us of God's presence is our lives. Gingercake mountain was so beautiful and the leaves were just begining to change! After being in Florida for four years we welcomed Fall with excitement!! Ella Grace decided she loved being in the mountains, too!

Breakfast on the porch overlooking the mountains
just lounging while daddy worked on finishing his dissertation :)
I love the hammock and my daddy!
the lady of leisure
so sweet :)
We ate BBQ and listened to bluegrass at a general store in Linville
This is what we found on the wall
hiking with mommy and daddy

We visited an apple orchard on the parkway

Miss Ella Grace decided she didn't want to be in her car seat anymore. She is so fiesty that she slid almost the whole way out!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Meeting Family

Ella Grace has had a very busy couple of weeks meeting her extended family! Her Aunt Jessica (Nathan's sister) came from Virginia Beach and couldn't get enough of the baby girl. :) We had lot's of fun exploring Charlotte and spending time together.

Ella Grace's first smile caught on camera! Justin and Kelly were over for dinner and Ella's good friend Clara was by her side for the event!

Ella Grace had her second plane ride adventure to Boston last week. She was perfect on both parts of the trip, including the layover. We visited with Grandma & Grandpa Hollinger and met Great Grandma Hollinger and Aunt Ruth for the first time. Aside from some fussy spells we had a great time.

Grandpa was elated!
Could he be any more proud?? Grandpa had a very important job of carrying his granddaughter from the car!
Meeting great grandma

She was definitely the center of attention
Loving on grandma
Going to tea at the Wenham Tea HouseJust had to capture this picture

Six weeks old
We went to our first polo matchThe crowd definitely looked like New Englanders

Rockport, MADaddy was so happy to have us home. He brought two roses- one for each of us- to the airport.

Loving play time with daddy

Monday, September 7, 2009

On a roll...

So, I am very ambitious today and have found the time to do TWO posts! I have some more pictures of the baby and of our house.

Here is our new home! I will take some more of the inside later.

On Saturday morning we made our first visit to the Mint Hill Farmer's Market. They had the BEST BBQ ever!!!
Look at all of the yummies I bought!!

On Sunday we visited a nearby church. Nathan and I were busy chatting about church searching in the front seat and all of a sudden we heard a yelp from the back seat. When we got out of the car this is what we found. She was probably thinking "Mom- seriously- why do I have to keep wearing these silly headbands!!!"

Bathtime last night consisted of pottying on the rug before getting into the water. She keeps her parents hoppin'!

This morning we explored a nearby park and walked on the nature trail.
Momma attempted her first cartwheel post surgery. It went fairly well but will take a little time to build up to the back tuck.
These next photos are for my sissy. She wanted an up close shot of every body part since she is so far away from her niece. Here is her little hand and leg. Notice the rolls forming!!
Still loving mommy's sling. This thing has been the golden ticket on many occasions! If she is crying and nothing else soothes her this often has the magic touch.