Monday, September 7, 2009

On a roll...

So, I am very ambitious today and have found the time to do TWO posts! I have some more pictures of the baby and of our house.

Here is our new home! I will take some more of the inside later.

On Saturday morning we made our first visit to the Mint Hill Farmer's Market. They had the BEST BBQ ever!!!
Look at all of the yummies I bought!!

On Sunday we visited a nearby church. Nathan and I were busy chatting about church searching in the front seat and all of a sudden we heard a yelp from the back seat. When we got out of the car this is what we found. She was probably thinking "Mom- seriously- why do I have to keep wearing these silly headbands!!!"

Bathtime last night consisted of pottying on the rug before getting into the water. She keeps her parents hoppin'!

This morning we explored a nearby park and walked on the nature trail.
Momma attempted her first cartwheel post surgery. It went fairly well but will take a little time to build up to the back tuck.
These next photos are for my sissy. She wanted an up close shot of every body part since she is so far away from her niece. Here is her little hand and leg. Notice the rolls forming!!
Still loving mommy's sling. This thing has been the golden ticket on many occasions! If she is crying and nothing else soothes her this often has the magic touch.


  1. thank you!!!!! I LOVE the rolls! i love everything! i want to come visit!!!!!!

  2. NAPH. LOVE the house (cant wait for inside pics) and the neighborhood sounds awesome. I wanna visit! She is getting so big! and the poop on the rug...niiiice. A little bleach should do the trick on the white rug! :) I hope her belly problems are solved soon...for all of you! miss you!