Saturday, September 5, 2009

Goin' to Carolina.....

For all of you faithful followers of this blog THANKYOU for your patience as it's been two weeks since the last post. It has been a very busy couple weeks in our lives!! I left a week and a half ago for Charlotte with the baby. She was a champ on her first plane ride and slept the whole way!

Some new friends (Jeff & Erica) so graciously hosted the two of us at their house until it was time to move in. In the meantime I closed on the house by myself and managed a painter who was working at the house for several days. The closing was quite a production! I had power of attorney for Nathan and little did I know what I was getting myself into! There were 200 papers to sign and every time I signed for Nathan this is what I had to write:

I thought my hand was going to fall off and on top of that I was attempting to nurse my fussy baby. Our sweet realtor, Karen, was very helpful and took Ella Grace for part of the event!

On Friday, sister in law Melissa and the cousins arrived and met Ella Grace for the first time!! It was so fun to see their reactions!
Madison was certain that she needed to hold Ella. She said that "her baby doesn't cry when she holds her". :)

Everyone was very helpful on the day of the move! We had Josh & Melissa, Uncle Dave, Aunt Donna, and Jamison, Grandma & Grandpa Hollinger, Melissa's brother Adam & his girlfriend Jenna, and an awesome group of guys from Justin & Kelly's church! The truck was unloaded in an hour and by evening the whole kitchen was unpacked and most of the furniture was in its place. Thank goodness for is such a blessing!!

Since the move we have been working on house projects and getting to know our surroundings. The grocery store, library, restaurants, bakery, ice cream shop, and farmer's market are all within walking distance! Our neighbors are very friendly and one couple even welcomed us to the neighborhood by bringing a plate of brownies! People from Kelly's church brought us a welcome basket as well. :)

Nathan started work on Wednesday and is really enjoying it. His first several months will be devoted to learning the ins and outs of the HVAC and energy services industry. Here he is on his first day. I felt like a mom sending her kindergartener off to school for the first time!

Little Ella is now 5 weeks old and is growing a lot! When we went to her new pediatrician here in town she was 9lbs 14 oz already! She is in the 75th percentile for her weight and 50th for length. She is still having tummy troubles and the doctor says that perhaps she has a food sensitivity or acid reflux. We are hoping to get to the bottom of it soon!

Here are some other photos from this week:


  1. YAY Naph :) I've been checking and was so excited to get your text that you'd posted!!! It looks like your new home is wonderful! How fun that you already found a great farmers market, etc. :) We've been praying for your transition and for the 3 of you to be happy and healthy and it's a blessing to see all of the abovetaking place :) Love you much and hope to journey up there soon for a visit!!! ~ Kala

  2. By the way, I can't get over sweet Ella Grace!! Thanks for the pictures :)

  3. You did post A LOT! That poop pic was awesome!!! You will have to take that little sweat suit outfit that is pink and white up to Boston--that should be really warm! Great pics--the kindergartener going to his first day of work pics were great!

  4. the pic of nathan getting into the beamer is one of the funniest things i've ever seen!! i'm trying to stiffle my laugh at work!!