Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Our House

For all of you who have been asking, here are some pictures of the house. :) We have guests coming for dinner tonight and since it's currently clean I thought I would take some pics.
By the way, if you havn't checked out you need to! We got all of Baby Girl's nursery things on Charlotte's Craigslist along with some other things around the house. If you are patient, it's definitely the way to go!

Entry way


No, the table does not always look like this.
Gotta love fall decor :)
View from the back. We are hoping to plant a community garden with our neighbors in the Spring! The town is also supposed to be putting in a greenway through the woods.
Our bedroom
Guest room......please come and visit!!!!!!!!!
attic room that Nathan is finishing

Bathroom.....check out the Gainesville Swamp picture ...Thanks Mel! Thank you also to sissy for her awesome photography from Burkina Faso
Baby girl's room

Thanks to Sarah for making the cushions on the rocker :)
Thanks Mel for your AWESOME art work!!
This did not come with the house
12 weeks old.....and loving her fist


  1. Love the house! It is funny - Norrah's room is pink and brown circles and our room is light blue and shades of blue. GOOD TASTE! Looks beautiful - and when Miss Ella is walking you will definitely not have the table set like that anymore!!!

  2. I didn't realize you found a dresser for her room! Ha! I sent you some Craigslist posts just recently--guess you didn't need those. xo.

  3. Naph, i love it! I cant wait to come and see it myself! You have so much room! Your master looks big. And yea, fall decor rocks. :) EG looks so cute in her little outfit. WOW...3 months down? unreal. You are a great Mama.