Friday, October 9, 2009


When we chose the name "Ella Grace" we knew we loved the sound of it and couldn't wait to call her by her name. Ever since I became a mom I am constantly calling her by other very random nicknames. One that has stuck is "Barlings". It came about because I called her "darlings" a lot and we both used the name "bug" for her as well. One day, the two were accidentally combined and thus, the name "Barlings" was created. We use it all the time now and I wonder if she will know what her real name is when she goes to kindergarten....

She is growing VERY fast! We had her two month check up complete with three shots (she was NOT a fan). She weighed in at a whopping 12 lbs 9 oz. and was 23 inches long. Her weight is in the 90th % and her length in the 75th %.
The doctor was very impressed that she is sleeping anywhere from 9-11 hours straight at night. This is SUCH a blessing!!
She is holding her head up very well, smiling a ton and responding to us, and loves bath time.

When daddy came home from work one evening Barlings was not a very happy camper.

He tried to distract her from her distress by doing "airplane". Her eyes are hilarious in this video:

We used to swaddle her every night but decided maybe the swaddling days are over because this is what we found in her crib............
Here she is at 10 weeks:


  1. Naphtali...

    This was a funny post. We have the wierdest nicknames for our kids too. Ken sometimes calls Norrah "turd.... or turd ferguson" now that could cause a complex!

    We call Norrah "Norman" alot... because she looked like a little old man when she was born. Izzy calls her that too!

    So Barlings isn't so bad, right?

  2. This post totally made my day! I love little Barlings and the airplane eyes! Give her a kiss from me~