Friday, July 31, 2009

Baby News

We are officially one week overdue and had an appointment today. After an ultrasound they determined that she hasn't gotten bigger in the last few weeks. In addition, I have made no progress in terms of dialation. The midwives see no reason for her to stay inside and want to start an induction process tonight. At 10 pm they will give me "Cervadil" to see if my body progresses naturally. If not, they will administer a low dose of pitocin by mid-morning. We are trying to remain positive, as this was not how we envisioned our labor to be. We were hoping to labor as naturally as possible. Please pray that my body would progress on its own with very little intervention.
We are being reminded that this process is out of our control and that we need to put our trust in the Lord.
Despite all of this, Nathan and I are thankful for a relatively uncomplicated and healthy pregnancy and for all of our supportive friends and family.
Grandma and Grandpa Hollinger along with Auntie Daphne and Uncle Ryan are here with us now in Gainesville. Mimi and Papa Mitten will arrive on Wednesday.

We can hardly wait to hold our sweet Ella Grace!!

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