Saturday, July 25, 2009

Practicing Patience

Today is July 25- our due date. So far baby Ella has decided not to show her face. For some reason I thought this baby girl would be early but now I am having to practice more patience than ever. I have had contractions off and on now for almost two weeks but the midwives say that my progress is slow. They won't do any interventions to induce me till my 42nd week. I am working on getting sleep (very difficult right now) and keeping myself occupied while I wait. The Lord is definitely my strength. Nathan is also such an encouragement to me and tries to keep me distracted. I feel very blessed to have him as my husband and baby daddy. We are both ecstatic about meeting her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Dear Darlings,
    Hoorah! Your very untechie momma has gotten to your blog and is an avid fan. I am so touched by your pix and stories.

    You enrich my life immensely and it is so wonderful.

    Your best cheerleader--
    Momma M

    PS Love and Hugs to my Ella Grace

  2. Dear Nate and Naph:

    As we say in my native tongue, que dios vaya contigo (God be with you). You two are going to be an awesome mom and dad duo!


    PS: Un besito y abrasito para Ella :)