Saturday, August 1, 2009

Stubborn Little Cervix

Hey everyone, Nate here. So we are still waiting for dilation…waiting…waiting. We came in last night and began a treatment of Cervadil in order to soften the cervix (which must happen before dilation, which must happen before labor). The treatment ended at about 1pm today without any noticeable changes unfortunately. Because Ella is a super champ and all her vitals were great, they let us get up and walk some laps in the hospital a bit and Naphtali has been able to continue eating solid food.

At 2pm they notched up the cervix softening treatment to a small pill called Cytotec which again is a prostaglandin to kick the cervix into gear. Naphtali now has to stay in bed for about two hours upon which she can then move about the room for another two before the process is repeated. This will likely go on until she is into her dilation. Fortunately, she has been having medium intensity contractions every 4-5 minutes for the last 45 minutes…a great sign. Our midwife used a helpful analogy: these treatments are like playing the flute when you need a hormonal orchestra to start playing.

By the way, we also received more explanation about the seemingly quickly change of plan to induce rather than just waiting until next week to see how things progressed. Our midwife said that they like to see progressive weight gain even after 40 weeks as a sign of growth and development. According to the ultrasound yesterday she hasn't gain appreciable weight in the last two weeks. There is some possibility that this means the placenta is "maxed out" so to speak and dear Ella is better off out in the real world. It doesn't seem to be an immediate threat, but it helps understand their comment yesterday about there being "no reason to have her in there any longer."

As for now, it could be tonight yet if things really pick up or it could be into Monday if her body just isn’t quite ready. We are just trying to stay relaxed and take each thing as it comes. The family is here for support and company. It turns out I don’t have internet access in the room – only in the first floor cafeteria. I will try to send something out as I’m able with notable news. Thank for your thoughts and prayers and love!


  1. Praying for you! Hope that things are going well and that Ella is born SOON!!!

  2. You can do it Naph!!! Praying for all of you guys...can't wait to see pics soon!

  3. Hi Nathan and Naphtali,
    I will make this short and sweet. I have been trying to send comments for days. I hope this goes through this time. I have printed out 11 pages for Great- Grandma and Grandpa to follow your baby journey. We are praying for you. I think little Ella just wanted to be "fashionably late," and show up today for the Cressler reunion. Take care. We love you. Aunt June and Uncle Larry