Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Dada Day!

Ella Grace quite possibly has the best daddy in the whole world! Though EG was sick over the weekend, (with her first fever), we had fun celebrating our daddy guy.
It definitely makes my heart melt to watch her little face light up and her whole body jump when that daddy guy walks through the door. This must mean that he has found a very special place in her heart. <3

Some of their favorite things to do are:
to go flying ....anywhere
play pattycake
take walks
have Ella Grace crawl all over daddy
share ice cream

I am thankful for the example that Nathan is to Ella Grace and for the ways that he cares for and loves her. Happy Father's Day!!

Also, a very special Happy Father's Day to my daddy and daddy in law. Thank you for all of the love you have shown us throughout our lives! We love you soo much!!

Grandpa Hollinger
Poppy Mitten

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